Natalia Moretm Chapter 6: New Home


It took us a few days to drive to get to our new home. We had stopped along the way to buy clothes, we all left our old ones behind in the old house and now all we had were our pajamas and some clothes from good will.

Our coven was joining another, smaller coven in Bridgeport. This town used to be an experiment town, but since the supernaturals were freed, more and more humans were moving here, it was a beautiful city.


The coven we were joining was a lot smaller than ours, they only had two teens and a child in theirs. Their supreme was a lot younger than ours, she looked almost the same age as us. But from the outside, the house they lived in was much larger than our old home. It also looked a lot more modern.


“Hello Megan, thank you for letting us stay here, it’s very kind of you.” Mama Sue smiled kindly at the woman as she approached her.

“Oh, Susannah, it’s my pleasure, really. I know my kids are getting bored of each other, I know they’re excited to get to know yours.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

“Let’s go inside, I can show your kids the dorm and we can talk while they get situated.” The woman named Megan offered.

“Sounds like a good idea.” She turned to us and ushered us over.



After seeing the dorms and unpacking the few things we had, Megan and Mama Sue called us into the living-room for a meeting. This living-room was much more modern than our old one, it almost felt weird to be discussing witch matters in such a current home. Believe it or not, I was starting to miss our old coven.

“Hi guys, welcome to our home.” Megan stood in front of us. “Things are a little hectic right now, Susannah and I need a few days to work out class schedules so you guys have a few free days.”

“We have a few things to discuss, but for now we’re gonna go around the room and introduce ourselves.” Mama Sue told us, it was just like when I arrived at the first coven.


The first one to start us off was a girl from this coven. She introduced herself, her name was Winter and she was from Isla Paradiso, just like Mitchell. She lived with her family up until they started sending wolves onto the islands. Her parents sent her here and she hadn’t heard from them since.


The next person from the new coven was Toby. He was from Starlight Shores, just like me. Except he lived in the suburbs, where I lived right in the rich part of town. His mother was a witch and his father was a human. She never told either of them until the wolves came into the picture. His father was not happy but they went into hiding anyway and brought him here.


Megan then introduced us to Jenny, the youngest member of the coven and her daughter. They had lived in a small apartment on Isla Paradiso, and moved here when Megan suspected the government was closing in on witches. She used her trust fund to buy this house and get it protected so she and Jenny could have a safe place to live and keep others safe.


Once we all finished introducing ourselves, it was Mama Sue’s turn to speak. She looked solemn, as if she didn’t want to tell us what she had to say.

“I really hate to be telling you all this, but the wolf attacks have picked up considerably. More and more witches are being killed every day.” She took a deep breath, before continuing, but was interrupted before she could say anything else.


“Does this mean they’re coming here?” Naomi asked loud and obnoxiously.

“Maybe, but we’re protected here.”

“You said that about the last house, and look what happened.” She glared at Mama Sue. The reference towards what happened last time made my stomach lurch. Thinking about it made me want to cry.

“The spell was old, this one has been renewed recently. Don’t worry, that will never happen again.” She assured us. It was obvious by her shaky voice that what happened at the old house haunted her. It haunted me too.


“I’ve tried to contact your families. A few of them were fine, but the rest were unreachable. I’m sorry to say this, but that most likely means that they’re no longer with us.”

“Whose families?” Renee asked the question we were all thinking.

“Trevor’s, Mitchell’s and Natalia’s.” She dropped her face into her hands. “I’m so sorry.”


My entire body went numb at the mention of my name. “My parents are dead?” I managed to choke out. I was trying to keep myself from crying.

“From what I can tell, the shelter they were staying at was raided and they haven’t been found at any others I’ve tried. I’m so sorry.”

“Oh my god.” Trevor whispered from beside me. I had almost forgotten his name was mentioned too.


We both stood up and held onto each other. It was too much loss in such a small amount of time. It was becoming too much to handle.

“I’m so sorry, Baby.” He whispered in my ear as he hugged me.

“I’m so sorry too. This is awful.”

“It really is.”



My parents were gone. My parents were dead and I was never gonna see them again. I was all alone now, I had no one to go home to after this mess was over. If it ever ended and if I even made it out alive.

This entire situation was awful. Just a month ago I was on my way to teen stardom and now here I was curled up on a bathroom floor in Bridgeport with no family. It was the worst possible thing that could’ve happened to me.


“Do you want to be alone?” A small voice asked from beside me. I looked up and saw Jenny standing next to me.

“You can stay, Hun.” I tried to smile at her from behind my tears.


She jumped up on the sink and sat on the rim. “I’m sorry about your family, I know what it’s like to lose someone. I lost my Daddy to wolves a while ago. It sucks.” She told me with a sad smile. “But you have us, we’re all a big family here and you never have to be alone.”

I couldn’t help but smile, she was so much kinder than any other child her age that I’ve known. She was wise beyond her years, she’d been through a lot more than the regular kid.

“Thank you.” I smiled weakly at her. She smiled back before jumping down from the sink.


“You’re welcome, Nat.” Jenny grabbed my head and gave me a soft kiss on the forehead. “Dinner is soon, but come down whenever you’re ready.”

I smiled to myself as I watched the little girl leave the room. I had a feeling the two of us would become very close.


4 thoughts on “Natalia Moretm Chapter 6: New Home

  1. Aww . . . Jenny is the sweetest. I really hope that they’re safe in Bridgeport, but they probably won’t be for long.
    I feel so sorry for Natalia. One after another, loved ones are dying.
    I’m having this but what if . . . feeling for Nat’s parents.
    Great chapter as usual 😀

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