Natalia Mortem Chapter 8: Planning


Later that day everyone went outside to celebrate finishing our training. Winter and I were watching Jenny who was napping on my leg, she’d been in the pool for a while and she was pretty tuckered out.

“So are you and Trevor planning on having any kids?” Winter asked me in a hushed voice as to not wake Jenny.

“We’ve talked about it, he wants some but I’m not entirely convinced. I don’t think it’s safe right now, it would be unfair to bring a baby into this kind of world.” I answered honestly. “What about you and Mitchell?”

“We do want kids, we’re gonna wait a while though. I wouldn’t want to bring a baby in right now with the attacks and all, like you said. Also, I want to be financially stable first. Hopefully in a few years when this has all calmed down we’ll be ready.” She smiled, she wanted to be a mother so bad, it was obvious.


“But will it blow over soon? The other supernaturals went through decades of hell, why would ours only last a few years?” I hated to be a killjoy but it was a possibility.

“Things aren’t as intense for us as it was for them. I doubt it would last that long. I guess we’ll just have to see in a few years.” She sighed and looked over at the boys in the pool. “Do you think Mitchell’s gonna stay with me?”

“Why would you ask that? He’s head over heels for you, silly.”

“I don’t know, sometimes I just worry. When we leave here he could always meet another girl. I can’t help but wonder if he’s only with me because we’re here.”


“I wonder that about Trevor sometimes too. But then I think about my feelings for him, and I realize that I don’t love him just because we’re here, I love him for him and that’s not gonna change when we leave.”

“That’s a good point of view.” She smiled, I was glad I was able to calm her worry. That’s what I loved about our friendship, we always knew exactly what to say to the other to calm them down. It was nice and a great thing to have, especially here.


“Do you think it’ll all be worth it?” She asked me a few minutes later.

“What do you mean?”

“All of this, and all the things we’re gonna have to do to protect our identities.” She sighed. It was gonna be a lot of work, we were all gonna have to do a lot to protect ourselves and even then it might not be enough.

“I don’t know, hopefully. I’ve always wanted a nice house and a family. I guess it would be worth it for me.”

“I really hate that we have to do this stuff, why do humans have to go and ruin everything?” Winter clenched her fists in anger. It was frustrating for all of us, no one wanted to be in this situation.

I was about to respond when Jenny stirred. She immediately jumped up excitedly once she realized where we were.


“Hey Nat, can I go back in the pool?” She asked while bouncing on the balls of her feet.

“Of course, sweetie.” I chuckled as she started to jump up and down, she was such an adorable kid.


Jenny immediately made her way to the edge of the pool and jumped right in. She managed to splash water on us, making us scream like little girls.

“Sorry!” She called from the water.

“It’s alright.” Winter giggled.


“So, what were we talking about?” I turned to Winter as Jenny swam over to Toby to have a splash war.

“Humans and how much they suck.” She huffed.

“Right. While I understand their thirst for knowledge, they’ve been going about it the wrong way. They could’ve asked the fairies, vampires and wolves to volunteer for experiments instead of forcing them too. That way they wouldn’t have had that whole hybrid girl debacle. They could’ve made things a lot easier for them if they had done it right.”

“Yea, they’re all pretty much idiots. Things would be a lot different if supernaturals were dominant in the world.”

“Hopefully one day.” A world where supernaturals were dominant seemed like the best for everyone. We have powers that humans don’t, and if we used them for good we could do a lot of great things. But unfortunately we don’t have opportunities like that because they don’t let us.


“Yea, hopefully our children will be able to grow up in a world like that.” She smiled at me. “So, where do you think you and Trevor will go after this?”

“I was thinking Isla Paradiso.” I offered, but she frowned. “What?”

“Mitchell and I are from there, if we go back we’ll be putting ourselves in danger. I want us to live near each other or at least in the same town.” I completely forgot they had come from the islands. Maybe Trevor’s first suggestion was a better one.

“Well, Trevor suggested Riverview, but I wasn’t completely convinced. I wanted a place that’s more populated with witches.”


“That’s where Renee is from, I know she was telling me about how her parents mentioned other witch families besides hers and Eboni’s. Maybe theres more than you think.”

“Maybe, I’ll think about it. It would be really awesome to raise our families near each other.” I smiled, making Winter smile as well.

“Yea, maybe our kids will be best friends just like us. Or even better, they could get married!” She stated excitedly.

“That would be pretty awesome.” I chuckled.

We stayed quiet for a while, occasionally laughing as we watched our idiot boyfriends splash each other repeatedly in the face. I couldn’t wait for us to spend the rest of our lives with those two idiots.



That evening the four of us were hanging out in the living room, discussing our futures. Seemed to be the topic of the day.

“So, Winter and I were talking, and I’ve been thinking. Maybe we should go to Riverview after this.” I told Trevor as I laid in his arms.

“Like I said, wherever you wanna go is fine with me. Do you want me to start looking for houses?” He squeezed my hand supportively.

“Sure, that’d be great.”


“If you find any places close to each other, let us know. We wanna be in the same neighborhood.” Mitchell chimed in.

“Yea, of course man. I’ll take a look in the morning.”

“Are you gonna get a job in town as well, Mitchell?” I asked him.

“I was thinking about it, yeah.”

“What do you wanna do?”

“I was actually thinking about joining the police force alongside Trevor, that way we could be partners.” Even though Mitchell didn’t seem like the type, I thought it was a great idea. “That way, we won’t have to worry as much about being found out.”

“Hell yea, that sounds awesome.” Trevor smiled at him.


“You boys just be careful, okay? We need you.” Winter warned.

“Don’t worry, love. We’ll be fine.” Mitchell gave her a kiss on the cheek. I was about to tease them when the door in the back of the room slid open. Eboni walked in and headed straight for the bookshelf, but I stopped her to ask her a question.

“Hey Eboni, you lived in Riverview, right?”


“Yes.” She stopped and answered simply.

“Was it a nice place to grow up?” I asked.

“It was alright.” She looked uneasy.

“Do you think it’s safe there?”

“Possibly. As long as you keep to yourselves.” She answered cryptically.

“What do you mean?”

“Not every witch is a good one.” She then grabbed a book off the shelf, spun on her heels and left the room, leaving all of us in a state of confusion. What could she have meant by that?


3 thoughts on “Natalia Mortem Chapter 8: Planning

  1. I’m like seriously worried right now. I have a feeling that Trevor and Mitchell will pass away or something.
    Ugh, Winter is as pretty as ever. So is Eboni. That hair and clothes matches her personality so much.
    Heh, still the short, sweet, and blunt answers from Eboni XD

    • The girls are worried too, hopefully nothing happens to Trevor and Mitchell, they mean a lot to Natalia and Winter. Thank you, I love Eboni and her style and I’m glad you like her too 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂

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