Natalia Mortem Chapter 10: We Run


Saturday morning. It was Trevor’s first day off since he started working at the police station. Most of us were downstairs watching television, Jenny was upstairs playing with her dolls, and Mitch and Winter were in the garage ‘studying potions.’ It was a nice, relaxing morning and I was glad a stressful week was over, even if another was looming right over our heads.


“You know, it’ll only get easier from here.” Trevor whispered in my ear.

“I doubt that, but if it makes you happy I’m willing to stress all day.” I lovingly rubbed his arm with my thumb while keeping my eyes on the tv screen. He gently kissed my ear and chuckled softly.

Our little bubble was burst when we heard a huge crash and screaming coming from the kitchen.


Winter frantically ran into the living room, shocking us all with her appearance. She was covered head to toe in blood. I was unable to tell if it was hers or not.

“The wolves, they f-found us.” She explained hysterically. “T-they got Mitchell. H-he’s dead.” Tears started streaming from her eyes and her body shook violently with her sobs.

“Get behind me, everyone.” Trevor called out.


All of us quickly crouched behind Trevor and the couch. We sat there, silent for a few moments, listening for signs of the wolves. But suddenly, our silence was broken, not by wolves but by Megan.

“Oh my god, Jenny! She’s upstairs!” She wailed, realizing her child was in danger.

“When the wolves come in, Natalia and I will rush past them and head upstairs. We’ll get her.” Trevor whispered, trying to calm the panicked mother.

“Please be careful.” Mama Sue pleaded as she comforted Megan.


Seconds later, there they were. There was four of them, and they looked like they were out for blood. They had already killed one of us, I hoped that he would be the only one.

“Anna, you take upstairs.” One of the male wolves growled at the female wolf. My stomach dropped. She was gonna get to Jenny before we could. Our chances of saving her were even slimmer now.


The wolves roughly shoved the sliding doors open, making us scream. Only half of us had our wands on us, we hadn’t even thought to grab them this morning because we felt safe here. We were wrong. Very wrong.

“Now.” Trevor said, I barely heard him over the panic.


We both jumped up and sprinted towards the door. The wolves didn’t even notice, they were too busy fighting our friends. I silently prayed that this wouldn’t be the last time I saw them. For everyones sake.

Trevor and I climbed the stairs as quickly as we could, even though I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see what lay beyond that door. Trevor swung it open and we both gasped.


The scene in the dorm room was absolutely horrific. I immediately broke down, collapsing against the wall and sobbing into my hands. This was an absolute nightmare. Trevor’s fists clenched and his jaw stiffened, I could feel the anger radiating off him.


That bitch stood over my poor little Jenny with a proud look on her face. Jenny’s throat was ripped out, her blood splattered all over the room as if the wolf was shaking her around like a chew toy.

“Aw, come to save you’re precious young? You’re too late. But don’t worry, she only suffered a lot.” The monster grinned devilishly and gave a small, evil giggle.

“YOU BITCH.” Trevor screamed, I’d never heard him sound so terrifying before.


Trevor threw himself at her with so much speed it almost didn’t look real. He immediately started pounding on her face, he was much stronger than her and it was impossible for her to get out from under him. Blow after blow, I could hear the sickening cracks from her skull. I shut my eyes, even though she was a monster, it was hard for me to watch the man I love kill someone. Especially only using his fists.

He eventually pulled himself away, once he was sure she was dead. He was out of breath and his hands were bloody and bruised, but otherwise he was fine. I stared at him, open mouthed. I was shocked at both his ability to kill someone so easily and with the entire situation.


“Oh Natalia.” He quickly made his way over to me and I threw myself in his arms. “I’m so sorry. You shouldn’t have seen that.”

“I-it’s alright. S-she’s dead n-now, that’s all t-that matters.” I stuttered, barely able to speak right through my sobs.

“Let’s get you out of here, you shouldn’t have to look at this anymore. And we should go help the others.” He ushered me out of the room, and I didn’t object. I didn’t want to see the body any more, I knew I’d be seeing enough of it in my nightmares.

Little did we know, the scene we were about to walk into was even worse.


As soon as we walked into the living room, Winter threw herself into my arms. She was absolutely hysterical, I was completely unable to make out what she was saying. But never the less, I was glad she was alright.

But as soon as I looked up, any and all good feelings went away completely. I felt vomit rise in my throat, thats how terrible the room looked. It was an absolute bloodbath.


All the wolves were dead, so the rest of us were safe, but we’d lost some of our own.


Eboni. She was leaning against the wall, her neck twisted at an odd angle and a pool of blood growing beneath her. She didn’t deserve to go like this. She was a great witch and person and it absolutely broke my heart to see her like this.


Naomi held Renee’s limp body in her arms. Her loud, agonizing screams echoed through the small living room.

“No, Renee wake up!” She shook her best friend violently, as if shaking her would bring her back to life.

I couldn’t watch anymore. I buried my face in Winter’s shoulder and cried. This was the worst day of my life, I wanted to wake up and have this all be a horrible nightmare.


“What do we do now?” Trevor spoke, only slightly audible due to the loud sobbing.

Mama Sue looked up at him, she was on the floor comforting Megan as she cried. She could tell from our faces that Jenny didn’t make it and she was completely devastated, as a mom who lost her child normally is.

“We do what we always do.” Mama Sue responded.


“We run.”


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