Natalia Mortem Chapter 11: Barn


It took us a little over a week to get to our new hideout. We had stopped along the way to pick up some new clothes, the place we were going to be staying was small and closed off, we had to dress for comfort and not for style. If this had been three years ago, I would’ve put up a fight. My clothes used to be the most important thing to me. But now, the only important thing to me was my friends and their safety.

The journey was hard, we we’re all mourning and it was extremely stressful. I didn’t know how much more I could take. Eli, my parents, Mitchell, Jenny, Eboni, and Renee were all gone and if I lost another person I would definitely break.


I knew the new place was going to be small, but I didn’t expect this. It was literally a barn, and from what I could see, there were no windows. It was not ideal, but if it kept us safe until this whole mess was over, then I’d deal.

“Well, this is it.” Mama Sue smiled tightly at us. “Let’s get inside before anyone sees us, the locals think this place is empty.” She ushered us to the giant barn doors and hurried us all inside.


“Hi guys, welcome.” A cheery voice greeted us. It was weird to hear someone so happy after what felt like years of complete sadness.

We all mumbled half-assed greetings, none of us as cheery as her. “Hi, thank you so much for letting us stay.” Mama Sue took charge and gave the woman a proper greeting.


“Oh of course, we’ve got plenty of room here.” The bubbly witch smiled. “My name is Beatrice Han, that’s my son, Henry,” She motioned to a little boy playing in the corner, then to an older woman in a rocking chair. “And that’s Elsa. Welcome.”


My heart stopped. Elsa? That was my moms name. It wasn’t a very common name, could it be?

“D-did you just say Elsa?” I stepped forward and asked timidly. I didn’t wanna get ahead of myself, there was only a small chance that this woman was actually my mother.

“Yes, I did.” She cocked her head slightly, obviously confused at my behavior. Before I knew it, I took off running towards the corner of the room with the rocking chair.


I stopped dead in my tracks. She was older, her hair slightly graying, but this was my mother. No doubt about it.

“M-mom?” I asked, I knew it was her but I needed her to see me. She looked up, slightly dazed.

“Natalia? Is that r-really you?” Her voice cracked, obviously emotional at the sight of me. I couldn’t respond verbally, I too was very emotional. Instead, I gave her an enthusiastic nod.


She set the toddler in her arms down on the ground before throwing herself into my arms. “Oh Natalia, I thought I’d never see you again.” She started to sob, burying her face in my shoulder.

“I thought you were dead.” I whispered, crying in her ear.

“I’m not, I’m here.” She soothed, slowly rubbing circles in my back. She was so different, she was actually motherly now. My mother and I didn’t have a great relationship when I was growing up, we were both too busy with our careers. But that didn’t matter anymore. We had each other now.

After our tearful reunion, everyone started clapping. I’d completely forgotten they were there, my mom and I both giggling at their excitement.

“Let’s catch up dear, I’ve got a lot to tell you.” My mom motioned for me to take a seat on the couch.

“I’ve got a lot to tell you too.”


“You first.” She smiled softly at me.

I started from the beginning, with the first coven, the magic classes and meeting Trevor and Eli. I told her about the raid, about losing Eli and running away. I told her all about the new coven, about Winter and Mitchell, Renee and Naomi, Jenny, Eboni and Toby. I told her about everyone and how much they all meant to me. Then I told her about the second raid. About how those people I loved were massacred. I started to tear up, and she gently placed a hand on my knee.

“That sounds so awful, sweetheart. I’m so sorry.” She gave me a sad, but comforting look.

“Thank you, it helps to talk about it.” I smiled at her. “You’re turn.”


“Well, after you left, your father and I headed for a small refugee home in the mountains of Moonlight Falls. We wanted to be close to you, it was hard to go through all of this and not know how you were. After a few weeks, we found out I was pregnant.”

I gasped. “What?”

“Yes, I was pregnant. Your father was ecstatic, he’d always wanted more kids. He was hoping for a boy. When I was about seven months along, our refugee home was raided. The wolves killed pretty much everyone there, including your father.” She closed her eyes tightly to hold back the tears. I grabbed her hand and gave her a reassuring squeeze. I couldn’t imagine losing my partner like that, Trevor was my world.

“I was hiding in the bathroom, the wolves were desperately trying to break the door down, but one of the men from the home fought them off. He died saving me. I fought the remaining wolf, earning myself this.” She gestured to her facial scar. “I stunned the wolf, then escaped, meeting up with the only other people alive there. Beatrice and Henry. We came here, to Riverview, she found this barn and we fixed it up. Then, Sebastian was born.” She motioned to the toddler on the floor, now playing with a block box toy.


There was no doubt that the little boy on the floor was my brother. He had the same eyes as my mom and I, he had the same hair color as my paternal grandfather, and his facial shape reminded me of my dad.

“Can I hold him?” I asked nervously. I wasn’t great with kids, but I wanted to know my little brother. I never thought I’d ever have a sibling so I wanted to be close with him, despite our age gap.

“Of course, you don’t even have to ask.” My mom smiled at me.


I scooped Sebastian up in my arms and he immediately wrapped his tiny arm around my neck.

“Does he talk yet?” I asked, I didn’t know much about children, so I was unsure about when they started talking.

“Yes, he can talk but he doesn’t talk much. Say hi to your sister, Sebby.” Mom smiled brightly at the toddler.

“Hi.” He smiled, shyly.

“Hi there, Bud. I’m Natalia.” I smiled at the toddler in my arms, overjoyed at the feeling of having a brother. It was amazing to have my family back, even if it was missing a member.


“Hi Talia.” He gave me a wide grin, obviously warming up to me.

“Y’know, I never thought I’d see this, both of my kids together in one place.” My mom smiled at us, her eyes glassy with tears.

“I love you guys.” I choked out, feeling like I was about to cry as well.

“I love you too.” My mom gave me a huge smile, a few tears spilling over and running down her scarred cheeks.

“I wuv you!” Sebastian giggled from my arms, making my mom and I laugh. Despite all the tragedy in my life lately, I was the happiest I’ve been in a while.


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