Natalia Mortem Chapter 12: Faults and Fairness


After reuniting with my mom, Trevor and I went upstairs to the dorm to claim our beds and catch up. The dorms had many beds in one room, and a bathroom on either side. It was a little cramped but it wasn’t too bad.


“Oh Trevor, can you believe this?” I smiled dreamily, completely over the moon. “What are the odds?”

“Don’t know.” He forced a smile and shifted uncomfortably.

“Can you believe I have a little brother? Isn’t he just the cutest?” I wanted to scream how happy I was from the rooftops.


“Yea, it’s really great, babe.” He grumbled sarcastically. His attitude was really dragging me down, I hadn’t been happy in so long and he was ruining it for me.

“What’s your deal?” I asked.

“What’s my deal? It’s not fair, we were both told our families were dead. Why do you get yours back, with a new little brother even? Why do you get a family, and I don’t?” He spat, avoiding my gaze.

“I’m sorry you lost them Trevor, but that’s not my fault, and it’s not my family’s fault so I really wish you wouldn’t take it out on me.”


“I’m frustrated! This isn’t fair.” He jumped off the bed and yelled in my face.

“Life isn’t fair, Trevor! You should know that by now. We’ve all been through some shit, none of it has been fair.” I screamed back, there was no doubt everyone else here could hear us. But I didn’t care, he was being a jerk and he needed to be put in his place.

“Stop trying to make this about you!” He was practically shaking with anger, it reminded me of the scene in the old dorm room with the wolf. I never wanted to see that side of him ever again.


“I’m not trying to make this about me! What is wrong with you? Why can’t you be happy for me like I was happy for you?” I was frustrated with him, why was he acting like this?

“What, you mean with the job at the police station? That was a job. I didn’t get my family back. And you weren’t all that supportive, you tried talking me out of it a million times! You were constantly telling me how worried you were about me and it didn’t feel like you were supportive.”

“Oh, god forbid I actually worry about you, when you’re risking your life! It’s your fault we got caught, everyone knows it! You guys gave us up, we were fine until you guys got jobs, then a week later we were raided and half of us killed. So yea, I had every right to be worried about you.” I screamed, I didn’t want to admit it until now, but it was definitely the guys’ fault we got caught.


“It was not our fault, you bitch!” He shouted. I cringed, he was starting to scare me.

“It was definitely your fault. You know it.” I whispered, too scared and angry to raise my voice anymore. “You know it. It’s eating you alive, you know it’s all your fault and you feel guilty.” Maybe it was too mean, but he was being such an ass.

“It’s not my fault, Natalia.” He balled his fists, looking like he was about to hit me.

“Fine.” I admitted defeat, because I didn’t want to meet the same fate as the wolf. “But it’s not my fault either, that I got my family back.”

“You don’t have to keep rubbing it in my face!” He yelled, then stomped off childishly to one of the bathrooms.



I made my way into the opposite bathroom, I needed to splash some water on my face to calm down. I couldn’t believe he was acting so childish, how could he blame me for this? It wasn’t like I killed his family. It wasn’t my fault I got my family back. He was being completely irrational.

My train of thought completely derailed when I entered the bathroom. Sounds of vomiting filled the tiny room, it was coming from one of the stalls.

“Winter, is that you?” I asked, quietly. All through our journey here, she had been throwing up constantly. Mama Sue and Megan thought it was a combination of stress and carsickness, but now it was looking like they were wrong.


I peaked into the stall, and there was Winter, crouched over the toilet. She looked miserable, all this vomiting could not be good for her tiny body.

“Are you alright?” I asked, stupidly. She obviously wasn’t. She shook her head, unable to speak through the constant stream of puke. “Do you want me to get someone?” I was worried about her, there could be something seriously wrong with her. She nodded this time, and I sprinted out of the bathroom to find my mom.


I came back a few minutes later with my mom in tow. Winter was still puking, but thankfully a little less violently.

“How long has she been sick like this?” My mom asked.

“I think about a week.” I answered for her, but then she stuck her head out of the stall.

“Like a month, actually.” She responded hoarsely, slowly recovering from her bought of sickness.

“What? Why didn’t I know about this?” I asked my best friend, I was a little hurt that she kept something like this from me. She shrugged.

“I thought it would go away.”

“Well honey, this isn’t just gonna go away. I think you might be pregnant.” My mom suggested, making me gasp.


“Pregnant? No way, that can’t be.” I was shocked, the thought of Winter being pregnant was insane.

“We’ll have to have her take a test to be sure, but I’m guessing it’ll just tell us what we already know. This girl is expecting.” My mom said bluntly.



Thankfully, Beatrice already had a few tests on hand. she kept a fully stocked basement, full of any supplies we could ever need. Winter had taken the test, and it turns out my mom was right. Winter was pregnant. With Mitchell’s baby. All thoughts of my fight with Trevor were gone for the moment. This was more important.

Now, she was crying on one of the dining tables. “This can’t be happening. I can’t have a baby. I don’t have Mitchell to help me.” She sobbed into the wood.

“I’m so sorry, Mitchell was a great kid and I’m sorry you had to lose him like you did. But you have us. You’re not alone in this.” Mama Sue assured her.

“It’s not fair, he’ll never know his child, and his child will never know him. This is awful.” She ran her fingers through her hair, visibly frustrated.


“This isn’t awful, Sweetheart. This is a blessing. Yes, they won’t know each other, but you can tell your child all about Mitchell. About how important he was to you and how he died a hero. The child will never hate him, they’ll never fight with him and they’ll never resent him. They’ll think of their dad as a hero.” Beatrice offered.

“I-I guess that’s true.”

“And, you’ll always have a little piece of Mitchell. This way, his legacy lives on through your child, and not just through you.” Beatrice smiled at her.

“That’s a good point, but why should I bring a child into the world right now, when everything is shit?”


“Because, we need a generation who has grown up in this environment, so they can take it down. We need people who’ve lived like this to stop this.” Mama Sue answered. “They’ll be stronger than us.”

“And, you’re child will hopefully live a life of peace someday.” My mom chimed in.


“Yea, we probably won’t see that in our lifetime, but our kids might. There needs to be a new generation of witches to see that.” I reassured her.

“I guess. I’m just scared. I don’t wanna do this without him.” Winter slammed her fist on the table. “It’s not fair.”

“I know, I’m so sorry. But you have us. I know that doesn’t help much, but just know that he’s looking down at us. He’s making sure we’re alright. I promise.” I grabbed her hand and squeezed it reassuringly.

“Wait, but what about Megan? She just lost a child, won’t seeing me have one torture her?”


Megan was passed out on the couch, the past week or so had been so hard on her, losing Jenny was absolutely devastating. Winter did have a point, this baby was gonna be hard on Megan. But it also might help her. It might be good for her to be around kids, I mean there were already two here, she was gonna have to be around them.

“Megan’s an adult. She can handle it. And, we’ve still got time before the baby comes. She has time to get used to the idea.” Mama Sue glanced over at Megan. “She’s a strong one.”


“This is gonna be hard, Winter. I know. But we’ll get through it. We’re all here for you.” My mom gave her a kind smile. Winter smiled back and put her head back down.

“Can I go to bed? It’s been a stressful day.” She asked.

“Of course, choose any bed you want, except the bed next to the crib. That’s Elsa’s.” Beatrice smiled at her.

“I think I’m gonna head to bed too, I’m pretty drained.” Today had been a rollercoaster of emotions and I just wanted to sleep.

“Goodnight girls.” All three of the older women smiled at us as we made our way up to the dorms. I avoided Trevor as I climbed into bed, I didn’t wanna get into it right now. But I knew we’d have to eventually.


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