Generation 2 Heir Vote!


Hey guys, it’s time for our very first Mortem Heir Vote! I’ll describe both sister’s personalities and what their stories may include, and then at the end you can vote for who you like the best. Let’s begin!

On the left we have Athena, and on the right we have Artemis.



Name: Artemis Mortem

Traits: Evil, Loves the Outdoors

Occult Type: Witch

Current Life Stage: Toddler

Plot Summary: The older of the two and the self-proclaimed “Pretty Sister,” Artemis Mortem has never had problems with her appearance. She does however, have a problem with her twin sister, Athena. Artemis considers her sister weak and annoying, and she isn’t afraid to let her sister know how she feels. Artemis is a control freak, she is constantly trying to control her sister, her uncle Sebastian and her friend Zeus. If they don’t do what she wants, she reacts violently. She’s never been talked back to in her life, everyone around her obeys what she wants because they’re afraid of her, but what happens when someone speaks up against her? Will they live to tell the tale? Will Artemis finally meet her match?



Name: Athena Mortem

Traits: Good, Friendly

Occult Type: Witch

Current Life Stage: Toddler

Plot Summary: Athena’s twin sister Artemis has made her life hell. She’s constantly putting Athena down, whether it’s about her hair, her weight, or her intelligence. Due to Athena’s kind nature, she can’t find it in herself to stand up to her sister. Her sister’s reign has isolated Athena, she doesn’t have any friends, she doesn’t have any hobbies, and she doesn’t even have any say in how they decorate their room. Artemis’s torture really gets to Athena, so she tries her best to change herself to meet her sister’s standards. Maybe, just maybe, if she’s thin enough and smart enough, her sister will like her. Will Athena ever get her sister’s approval, or will she hurt herself trying?



Now, I just want to say that anything here is subject to change, like hair, clothes, make up, and small story details. Thanks for reading my legacy, Generation 1 was amazing and and so exciting for Generation 2. Now, cast your vote for you’re favorite girl!


10 thoughts on “Generation 2 Heir Vote!

  1. Wow, I really don’t like Artemis, and I hope someone finally talks back.
    Athena seems like an angel, but she really shouldn’t worry about her weight or intelligence too much. She’s already skinny as a twig 😦

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