Hiya, I’m Ryan and this is my second Sims 3 legacy. My first legacy, Future of the Fae, is still an in-progress work. I’ve had the idea for this legacy for quite a while, and I decided I couldn’t wait to start it until after I finished my first. Both legacies take place in the same world, so it might be helpful to read my first one first to understand everything going on. If not, it won’t be too hard to keep up. Practically the same rules apply with this legacy, but with a few changes.

  • I won’t be playing with rules. I’ll do what I need to tell the story.
  • There will probably be only ten generations
  • This story will have adult themes, nothing too bad but I will warn you when something particularly graphic is coming up, so you can skip it if you like.
  • I am not my characters. The views of my characters are not the same as mine, so if one of my characters says or does something that offends you, please know I am not the people in my stories.
  • I play with mods, and this is a supernatural legacy, so there will be things like same-sex pregnancy and hybrid sims.
  • I will not be starting on an empty lot, for story purposes.
  • I have all expansions and Town Life
  • Some sims may be colorful, but they’re not specifically berry.
  • I will not be keeping score.
  • Heirs can be male, female and any occult except vampire or fairy.
  • Their will be heir/heiress votes, unless only one child is born or eligible.
  • I will be creating most of the sims in my town and extras in my story, but if you’d like to have your sims in town let me know and I’ll gladly put them in.
  • Any and all comments are appreciated 🙂
  • All heirs and heiresses will be up for download.
  • My Simblr
  • I use custom content, and if you’d like to know where I got something, I will try and find it for you but I use so many different websites it might take a while.
  • If you want to download a sim this isn’t an heir or heiress, let me know and I’ll gladly put them up for download.
  • Anything here is subject to change throughout the story.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my legacy 🙂


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